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Organic Farming

We learned a lot since the project's foundation in 2010. In 2015 we restated our concept: with his produce the organic farmer firstly supports his own family, and only then his community.


SWASTJEEVAN is Indian and means life, natural, biological and self-supporting. The new concept which we implemented 2016, provides that farmers sell their produce decentrally in their own villages and without middlemen. Only if there are surpluses these are brought to the surrounding larger towns and cities. This practice strengthens farmers morally and gives them a solid financial footing.
Yes, even India enters a new era.

Further Information

Here you can download the project's five-year progress report:

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Donation account of Anahata-Stiftung
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Bank für Sozialwirtschaft (München)
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Anahata-Stiftung is recognised charitable by German tax authorities (Finanzamt München für Körperschaften) and authorized to issue donation receipts.

Eco-Green-Project: Our Environmental Protection Program

In the Eco-Green-Project over 1.000 farmers have be trained in organic farming so far: they all abstain from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Special theatre and movie nights in the villages illustrate the effects of slash-and-burn farming and uncontrolled tree felling.

Eco-Farm: planting sugercane (2010)
Eco-Farm: planting sugercane (2010)

Organic farming is taught at the two demo Eco-Farms: interested farmers can learn how to grow peanuts, sugar cane, rice, corn, lentils, papaya and various vegetables organically.