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Our business school, the Sanskrithi School of Business SSB in Puttaparthi, is more than just another institution to impart academic knowledge: all students are invited to participate in workshops and yoga classes, according to Swamis saying: Education serves life, not just livelihood.

"No Plastic": Awareness Campaign at SSB

On October 13, 2011 a campaign against plastic took place at the Sanskrithi School of Business SSB.

"No Plastic": awareness campaign at SSB
"No Plastic": awareness campaign at SSB

Students of several schools participated. Those in charge of the campaign said that this activity became necessary because people receive, together with their purchases, more and more plastic bags which they carelessly throw into nature afterwards, thus causing major environmental damage. As an alternative to plastic bags students distributed textile bags.

"No Plastic": awareness campaign at SSB
"No Plastic": awareness campaign at SSB

The students stressed that people need to become aware of their doing, that their action has an impact on the environment which, in turn, has a negative effect on all of us and, in the case of plastic consumption, the entire ecosystem. After the campaign, the presenting children and students were awarded various prizes by the guests of honour.

Candlelight Dinner

DThe food served at the SSB canteen is tasty, nourishing, nutritious and varied. Menus are composed together with the students to ensure that they enjoy their food.

Candlelight dinner at the SSB canteen
Candlelight dinner at the SSB canteen

Students are taught table manners, gratitude towards the food, how to serve each other and not to waste any food. Nutritious and delicious food is served in a clean and hygienic canteen. To satisfy the students, special care is taken to offer a varied and interesting selection of menus.

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