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Social Commitment in India's South

Monika Müller is travelling regularly to India since 1985. From spiritual journeys to Sathya Sai Baba blossomed a beautiful and close relationship to the local people in Puttaparthi. Observing the needs and poverty in this dry area she started several social projects to improve the situation of the villagers.

How it all began...

For the homeless people houses were build, and poverty struck elders without family support, are till today provided with one warm meal a day. Chosen children who approached her are getting financial support to pay the school fee.

All this was done with Swami Sai Baba's younger brother Janakiram who cares for a good infrastructure of the growing village. Drinking water taps were built for the locals and also a Guest House with public bathrooms and toilets for pilgrims. A playground for children was built and the trees supplied by the government could be planted and watered. Workers were employed to clean the streets from garbage. An Old Age Home was constructed according to old Indian vastu and made out of clay bricks. The Narayana Seva got a permanent place next to the little temple right in front of the Old Age Home. A tailoring school was established by the Old Age Home by Ellinor Rahm.

Historische Entwicklung

1999 Registration of an Indian foundation

2003 Registration of the Anahata Association in Munich

2006 Registration of Anahata-Stiftung (foundation trust) in Munich

2008 Social commitment reaches out for the small villages surrounding Puttaparthi.

2010 Termination of Anahata Association in favour of Anahata-Stiftung

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